Bikini mom me

In my mind, there is no better revenge than looking good, to give the ex a pang of regret at what they loss (at least this is what he is thinking in my mind).

Going through a divorce has been a great motivator for me to get in shape. Not only do I feel the need to be healthy for my kids – especially as I am now filling the role of mommy AND daddy-but there is no better way than running on the treadmill to deal with the mixed bag of emotions (especially rage) that go along with a divorce.

So far I have lost 20 lbs (not including the 200 lbs I lost when I got rid of the ex), and have hit a plateau. So today I decided to try out the bikini model mommy 90 day challenge to help tone up and lose a bit more weight. You can find information about the program here:

I like this workout plan mainly because it understands my needs as a mom: I don’t have a lot of time and don’t have a gym.

Today was a fitness test to see where I am at fitness wise (not great) and set a bar to compare to see how I am progressing. My results for the test were:
-speed squats: 36
-high knees: 80 or 40/leg
-push-ups: 14 (all on toes)
-squat jumps: 20
-triceps dips: 20
-burpees: 20
-lunges: 20 or 10/leg
– plank: 30 sec

Also for a point of reference, my starting weight is 191 and here is a picture of me in all my non-bikini model (yet) glory


I’ll try to post weekly updates on my progress. Here’s to a healthier me!!


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